Argent Starr #6


Tales From The Archives

Winning the Deca-Game was only the beginning of Argent’s troubles. Zyten, convinced that the ‘Earth Teklok’ Argent had cheated, blasted into the night skies after his new enemy, with Stern not far behind. Zyten’s All-Mode-Vehicle, cloaked and armed to the teeth, unexpectedly managed a direct hit on Argent’s equally invisible and normally undetectable flying car. Mrs. Thorne, now totally riled at the ‘Blue Bastard’, fires up ‘Big Fella’.

Altemus & Lyn T. Byrd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

The year: 2062. Reclusive genius Argent Starr is on a collision course with destiny, he must recover a stolen world-destroying alien weapon and protect Earth. His team; the fetching, fearless bodyguard Mrs. Jaxon Thorne, and a trouble-making, brain-enhanced, Spanglish-speaking black cat named Specter who operates as his familiar. The trio are plunged into a galactic sci-noir adventure filled with sabotage, assassins, sex, drugs, high-stakes gambling, spies, magic and the mob.

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