Bombshell #2


Aria Conti is an adviser to the UN’s mine control program by day, but by night she stalks New York’s streets as the vigilante Bombshell, relentlessly pursuing criminals whom legal authorities can’t or won’t touch.

Joachim Lipski

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Aria intensifies her efforts to subvert the weapons industry. However, a forgotten acquaintance from her past has already set a deadly plan in motion to undo everything Aria stands for. And when a massive tank-like military cyborg called “Warhead” touches down in Manhattan, Bombshell has to oppose a threat unlike anything she’s faced before… Also contains two bonus origin stories and pin-ups from Jason Robinson (“The Demon Mages”), Robert Porter (“Rat Rage”) and many more!
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	Jo Lipski



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