Catgirl Crusaders


Jer Alford, Rick Butler, Kevin Charlesworth, Natalie Eckman, Amanda Garman, Lucy Fidelis, Willie Jimenez, Charis Taylor, Sean Taylor, Aimi Tokutake

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 92

What It's About

Catgirl Crusaders is a tale of three kitties that set out to save the world. Kitty Honey was a normal teenager changed into feline freedom fighter after breaking an Egyptian relic. The Tantalizing Tigirl is an alien tiger woman that was raised by Amazons and moves to the big city to use her otherworldly abilities to fight the evil Cleocatra. Then, Grace the Amazing shows a lonely girl transforming into a werecat while encountering an old witch. All this plus an entire gallery by dozens of talented fan artists!

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