Wolfram: A Gothic Parable Vol 1


Eric Daniel Muntz

Standard Sized Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 70

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What It's About

On a hike in the Bavarian wilderness, a young man is attacked by wild beasts. Isolda intervenes, restoring his ravaged organs with her own blood. But the Wolfrim are not commonly known to humans, who may panic when faced with the reality of their existence. In the meantime, three Werewolves-at-will remember their deceased pack leader and discuss their recent failure (and future strategy) over chalices of tainted beer. When a Fenrîn Werewolf renounces bloodlust, a change occurs in his body. He suddenly abhors the taste of blood and flesh. He becomes sterile. And he can no longer walk the world openly as a man, for that door has been closed to him. He must live in seclusion in lupine form, trusting only his new kind and the few humans that will give him safe harbor. He becomes a Wolfram… and his blood is a resource as dear as life to some, and dearer than his own to the same. And most of all, he is prey to those with whom he once ran.

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