Dayblack #1


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What It's About

Four hundred years ago, a slave was picking cotton when he was viciously attacked by a vampire. Ever since that moment, Merce has struggled between his conscience and his deadly thirst for blood. Only now, as a tattoo artist, has he figured out a compromise that he and his victims can live with. However, the hunger is strong. So strong, it even haunts his dreams. Beneath the polluted clouds of DayBlack, Georgia, exists a vampire. After hundreds of years of killing to survive, he no longer wants to simply exist…he wants to live. DayBlack is the story of Merce, a former slave who was bitten by a vampire in the cotton fields. Four hundred years later, he works as a tattoo artist in the small town of DayBlack. A town so polluted, the sun is nowhere to be seen, allowing Merce to move about freely, night or day. Even darker than the sky are the dreams Merce has been having that are causing him to fall asleep at the awkwardest times (even while he’s tattooing someone). As he struggles to decipher his dreams, someone from his past returns with plans for him—plans that will threaten his new way of life and, perhaps, turn him back into the cold-blooded killer he once was.
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