Ten:01 #0


A brother and sister embark on a journey across dimensions and to different time periods both present, past and future in an attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that will take place in the later future.

Adam McCullar, NorViance Henry

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

Malik and Celeste, two orphaned siblings are hired mercenaries for the ‘Dark Jaguar’ movement. One night after completing a tedious contract to help further equality for their people Malik and Celeste are attacked by an unknown organization whose mission is to end their lives and stop the movement they are associated with. In the heat of battle, a mysterious man appears who will not only help save their lives but also help them embark on their true purpose and reach their full potential.

A mysterious man from another world comes to save the siblings and help them embark on their journey and unlock their gifts as Super Herus. As the two travel to different dimensions and time periods the two meet new friends and acquaintances who will help them to stop the prophesied events that could bring an end to the world as they know it. This story is filled with different elements that make for an epic adventure unlike any superhero story ever told and will unlock the connection between them and the rest of the Super Heru Universe brought to you by Infinite Axis Comix.

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