Earthling Vegan Warrior Artbook #1


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What It's About

The Earthling Artbook collects over 40 illustrated works of 38 independent artists, depicting various characters from the Earthling universe. Featuring artwork from Dave Brink, Jeremy Scott Browning, Bien Flores, Bill Maus, John Becaro, Widay Panca, Terance Baker, Tim Harris, Martinho Duarte Abreu, Anthony Sciscioli, Kesh Naipal, Casper Hermsen, Rance David Dixon, Steven Wilcox, Roland Lamers, Harrison Wood, Boris Grozev, Jey Soliva, Marco Hagens, Cynthia Kishna, Clement Romain, Kevin Tuma, Izik Bell, Davy Wagnarok, Eddie Price, Frank Soto, Shakira Rivers, Jim Jimenez, Rodney Jean-Ettienne, and others.
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