Robot Samurai Penguins: User Error Part 1


J. Rutland

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Robot penguin Waddul has a normal robot penguin life. That’s the problem. Or at least, as he sees its. He doesn’t want to follow in his parents’ or the majority of adult penguins’ flipperprints. Building motherboards. BORING. Robotic work doing the same thing all day every day. DULL. He wants excitement, and he takes inspiration from a rogue penguin in his lineage, Stony, who supposedly battled snow monsters and sought hero work. His parents aren’t exactly supporters of this whole Stony idea. And when Waddul’s family migrates to a new glacier, he learns he now doesn’t have to go looking for adversity, to find it.

Robot penguin Waddul desperately wants to escape the boring, pre-determined life his society has drawn out for him. He wants to battle storms and snow monsters like his awesome ancestor, Stony, who was brave enough to break the mold of robotic work. But he should be careful what he wishes for. When he moves to Iceburgh and has a run-in with I.C. Moto, who is actually a real snowball fighter, it”s clear Waddul”s path to heroism will be no waddle in the ice park. I.C. turns his rough-and-tumble friends against Waddul. New to the landscape, with enemies at each icicle, Waddul never realized achieving hero status would require so much surrender.

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