Sham Comics #5


Tim Fuller

Magazine Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

We dare you to enter The Vault of Sham! We double-dog dare you! There you will find golden age horrors the likes of which you've never seen. In the story, “Pool Thing,” new homeowners Wendy and Wendall Phartlinger find the terrifying consequences of not cleaning your swimming pool. A possessed cactus seeks revenge, in “Beware the Mojepe!” A desperate junkie takes one last trip, in “Don't Bogart That Nightmare.” And acclaimed botanist, Hamilton Green, indulges his strange love of plants, in “Fifty Shades of Green.” All that, plus ads for “Monster-Size Republicans,” “Comic Books-The Enemies of Youth,” and much more fun for mature readers.

SHAM Comics-Golden Age “Classics” Put Through the Blender! Did you ever wonder what happens when copyrights run out? In this case, it means an irreverent cartoonist, Tim Fuller, can take public domain funny books from the 40s, 50s and 60s and rewrite them with hilarious results.

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