Soul Blade Vol. 3


Sword Of The Gods


Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 160

What It's About

The team heads off to Russia to complete one final quest before all hell breaks lose. While the quest was originally to take out the Leviathans and the Amazons. Rang decides to go rogue and attack the people of the Russian military. While the rest of the group gets transported back to the academy. Rin, Kaiijin, Taijin and Rang get left behind. A battle between Rang commences. The truth between light and darkness reveals itself. And the powers of Taijin and Kaiijin finally activate.

An angel by the name of Kaiijin Tenshi and a Demon by the name Taijin Shinigami, must work together to save the universe from a great evil coming a few years from now and to bestow world peace upon the world. Several quest and adventures await them. With the help of some humans, Supernatural beings, Legends,and Mythological creatures. They’ll be able to slay anyone or anything that tries to harm mankind. However, with Kaiijin being gods child and Taijin being the devils child, it ends up becoming a lot more difficult working together with the team. Taijin and Kaiijin will randomly get into fights in the middle of their quest and training. But no matter what their disputes are, they still have a world to save. And who knows, maybe one day they will get along.

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