Kayn Kourageous


Kayn’s begins to question Kourageous and the Unorthodox’s methods of training he has to endure. But while Kayn struggles with his indecisiveness a mysterious figure is kidnapping children.

Dashantren Williams, DS Williams

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 102

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What It's About

Kayn, a 19-year-old living as what many AMP”s (amplified human) refer to as “throwback human” (humans born with no abilities), has spent most of his life trying to gain the respect of his peers but regardless of his efforts to impress them he’s still ignored by AMP”s because of his disadvantages, that is until a mysterious non-corporeal extraterrestrial being only known as Kourageous offers him cosmic powers but on one condition, he has to earn them through a series of trials and life tests to prove he can use them responsibly. Now Kayn must face off against superhumans, aliens, and monsters as well as preventing hyperdimensional forces from absorbing the universe all while learning to handle his personal insecurities and become a hero.

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