Epitaph: Bread And Salt #1


An evil cult bent on world domination wars within as various factions try to rise to power in Chicago.

Nathyn Brendan Masters

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Following the events of “Epitaph Bread and Salt: Beginning of the End” and “The Darksiders” News of Loren Talbane’s plane crash has reached the media as Demon Hunter Victor Locke continues to investigate the demonic killings going on in the city of Chicago, but this time, it’s not what he thinks. Erika and Decoy step in to aid in the investigation. Also Damious is given the key to The Sisterhood of Lilith’s Library Arkanium Magnum and a bat-like creature preys on children in the city. This book may contain adult language, nudity and/or adult situations. For mature readers.

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