Radar Rangers #3


Michael Wolfgang Weaver

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

What It's About

Tangleslang, finds Angst and Zegg speeding forth, Attaboy in tow, to find the Wranglefang more parse-nips. Athwart plunges them into the Arduous Anomaly. This causes the Wranglefang to disgorge all it has eaten, and in the midst of this chaos, our heroes meet Q.E.D. Wranglefang and his ship Attaboy Spongheaver. They learn that the Wranglefang and Attaboy are aspects of these two beings, having been cast forth centuries before. With the Arduous Anomaly again crowded, Attaboy Spongheaver decides to leave, which will result in reintegration, which probably won't be pretty.

The Parsnip Saga is a four-issue epic following the exploits of Radar Rangers Angst and Zegg, in the year 2212 G.R., as they endeavor to save Galaxy Central from the strange creature that may or may not be known as the Wranglefang.

Radar Rangers 03 TM and © Howling Myth Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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