Y.E.S. The Legend #1


The Legend Yuro is a man on a mission after a tragic accident happens between his two closest friends. An enormous earthquake has destroyed human civilization and the reaming humans have been living in chaos for thousand of years.

Alex Thompson, Marc Olivent

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

And to top things off there is a new species of dinosaur-like animal with fantasy like powers that have been living among them throughout this ordeal. But one human named Yuro has realized that living among these beasts is not as bad as it seems. Yuro has evolved new types of cells that allow him to connect with these creatures and use their abilities as he likes, and during these trying times, that”s an advantage many would covet. But when dealing with these gigantic lizards Yuro will soon learn it’s not all hocus-pocus and glitter after two of the beast lose control of their power, and all hell breaks lose, ending with an unfortunate outcome which forces Yuro to evaluate his gift. So deciding to use his evolved cells for the preservation of mankind, Yuro embarks on a journey.

Yurken Enforcer Squad Riley is a young warrior who must save two worlds from a demonic like species called manzou. Taking place in the future about 100 years from now an enormous earthquake will hit, killing almost all life, and in the process reshape the Earth leaving one mega-continent. Earth is virtually uninhabited and at the same time, on a parallel Earth, in another dimension, its inhabitants are in the throes of civil war against their tyrants the manzou. In a desperate act to restore peace to this dimension, a magical device was created that sent the manzou”s greatest weapon away to a new dimension in order to re-align the balance of power. The weapon was a magical and powerful species of dinosaur-like animals called yurkens who were sent to our dimension. The manzou had lost their greatest asset and were overthrown. It has been millennia since yurkens were sent to our dimension and they are the most prevalent species on Earth. But evolution has taken place, and a few remaining humans are able to control yurkens through evolved cells, known as sy-ooku cells. One of these humans is Riley Cutlass, who has the first ever human to develop sy-ooku cells living in his consciousness, but after many years the murderous manzou have come to retrieve what they have lost and Riley must rely on his yurken and sy-ooku to stop them.

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