Repo: Thief For Hire #1



Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

What It's About

Repo takes on an assignment from a buyer to steal a rare gem from the Eight Ball mob. But little does he know that this will be the start of a much bigger plan. Daniel always struggled to get ahead in life but he kept pushing his abilities in anything that he tried to do. By using his street smarts and military training, Daniel was able to make quite a name by getting people whatever they needed. After several close calls with the authorities and hard core criminals, Daniel decided that he needed to keep his identity safe if he wanted to try and live a somewhat normal life, he became the man known as Repo: Thief for Hire. Whatever the item there was no job too big for the right price, Repo was the one to call. He began working with the man known as 8-Ball who is the criminal leader who used his power and Repo to control of the East Coast and is trying to take control of the rest of the US through obtaining secrets on political runners in every state. By doing this he would have full control of his illegal operations without interference of any law enforcement agency. Repo also worked with Mr. Valentine who controls all of the illegal operations in the West Coast. By working for both crime lords, Repo was caught in the middle of the feud between the two and began to put himself in risky situations either for the thrill or for the pay, usually the latter. One night 8-Ball caught up with Repo when a precious and rare jewel went missing. Repo had shown interest in the jewel after learning of its rare qualities. 8-Ball personally paid Repo a visit and demanded that he give back the jewel but Repo knew nothing of it. 8-Ball always gets what he wants and this time he was not going to leave empty handed. Having had enough of Repo's ways, 8-Ball took Repo's life…or so he thought. Laying there on the verge of dying, Repo was found by his Brother-in-Law and right hand man Jax.He quickly took Repo to their underground base where he could give Repo medical care. Jax attempted to save him but little did he know that Repo had more than just a battered body, he had a deteriorating heart. The only solution is to find a cure before Repo's heart gives up. Jax being the mechanical and scientific expert was able to create a device that helps generated enough electroshock to keep Repo's heart beating normally. After intense research they learn of a stem cell cure that can regenerate Repo's heart but the only lab where it's located is controlled by the very man that tried to take his life…8-Ball.


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