Incandescence #1


Drew F. Lee

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

See the origin of Incandescence! She’s here! The superheroine you’ve been waiting for – strong, sincere and noble! How did Incandescence, hero of Twilegar City, rise to greatness? It all starts here with a 21 year old slacker named Audrey Hammond. Audrey’s mom fell into a coma four years ago, and Audrey just hasn’t been the same since. She’s unwilling to go to school or look for a job. Her ambitions dwindle, but she will soon see just how bright the light of hope burns within her. Incandescence is a comic series for all ages! It’s like a mix of Spider-Girl with Silver Age Supergirl and a hint of Buffy as a brave, beautiful, tough and capable superheroine stomps out crime in high heels. Watch 21 year old Audrey Hammond survive college, job searches, bickering super-villains and her own quirky family on the way to becoming the greatest superheroine Twilegar City has ever seen. Cavemen, zombies, robots, mummies – no one can stop Incandescence!

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