Amphoman #1


Mike Kaye

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

When Dr. Ulrius Joules researches ways to cure his disease he begins to focus on the Underworld, where clams form nacreous concretions, a type of ulcer. His life depends on his studies. A visit from his brother Keever does not go as planned when Keever finds himself at the mercy of Briley Chelson, a recluse who has also found a gem and wants to test other gems he finds on his victims. Can Amphoman focus on the troubles at hand or is the Buck Shop too irresistible for him? Gems falling from the sky, transforming those that discover them into fused mutants. It’s not just in Florida, they’re everywhere! A gem’s trigger event activation means more trouble than one could fathom. Beware of the gems for the wrath they will unveil will consume your soul.

Imagine you’re dying of Cancer. You discover a gem that not only transforms you into a frogman when you get wet, it cures your Cancer. You’re now caught between keeping the gem and using your new-found powers or disposing of the gem to live your private life while continuing with your disease. Do you want to be a hero who works for free to keep Earth safe or live the life God intended and make the best of your remaining days as a human? This is the question Dr. Ulrius Joules must ask himself each day. Dr. Ulrius Joules is… Amphoman.

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