Epitaph Bread and Salt #2


Decoy takes out a seductive vampire, then tracks down Fyre, the soul dealer that murdered a US senator. Meanwhile, Montague takes his evil mistress, Patrika, to task for needlessly killing the server who waited on them the night before. And Damious learns more secrets about the Sisterhood of Lilith and their power.

Nathyn Brendan Masters

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

Montague confronts Patrika about killing the waitress who flirted with him at the restaurant, Damious continues to figure out how to move safely within the Sisterhood of Lilith and Decoy confronts Fyre about her role in killing a politician. Meanwhile two new players step into the game as Alucard and Lady Bathory bring their own form of demonic treachery to Chicago.

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