God Cell #1


Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

Question: What would you do if the Gate of The Gods was unleashed? That’s the question that a group of men and women, who each have their own ties to mystery, must answer before the gate is opened and unleashes an unknown power upon the world…a power that could erase existence itself! These visionaries came together with this special tale to create an entertaining, well-crafted story that will fascinate ALL readers! The end result was the creation of GOD CELL: Gate of the Gods! But, what is GOD CELL: Gate of The Gods? Simple, some folks may call it a team-up or a crossover, or even the creation of a potentially powerful superhero team. However, GOD CELL is all of those things and none of them! It’s a superhero fantasy adventure that begins when a young girl named Bianca from Peru is summoned by a mad, rogue demigod/God Hunter called the Half-Lady who decides to find the essences of the Gods and use their powers to wreck havoc throughout the cosmos! To stop her reign of terror before it starts, the creations of myth and magic as well as man must combine before all is lost! If you’re a fan of epic stories then this book will appeal to you!
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