Jeff & Taylor Vol. 3


Jose F. Mojica

Manga Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 182

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What It's About

In this creepy volume of Jeff & Taylor: It will be Maria”s seventh birthday and all her friends are too busy to come to her party. So to make her feel better, Jeff and Taylor go try to find her the Little Miss Cherry Dress. On another day, Jeff, Taylor, and their guy friends go camping in the woods! Sounds exciting…except for the scary monster that is kidnapping them one by one! Plus, the boys go to the cemetery to solve a mystery about a girl ghost who committed suicide thirty years ago. A comic series about two 14-year-old boys on misadventures in their hometown of Summerville. Everyday they meet strange people (sometimes robots and monsters), getting into strange inconveniences, and sometimes landing into supernatural predicaments. It’s a great story for readers of all ages.

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