Land of the Rats #1


Mark Nasso

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

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What It's About

 While wandering in the Great Southern Vastness Jack Natari is captured by the evil South Men and enslaved in their ore mines. After weeks of torture he breaks through his chains and seeks a route through the tundra back to his jungle home in Rat City. But his journey home is postponed when he meets the mysterious ice beast known as Gastrolithicus. Land of the Rats tells the story of Jack Natari, a hybrid rat-human from the nation of Raelak and his adventures after being exiled from Rat City. Wandering deep into the desolate Vastness of Blask Jack meets many friends and foes, encounters strange beings and befriends a the dragon Mephiliaxus who may hold the secret to Jack’s quest.
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