Prime Cuts #1


John Franklin, Tim Sulka,Rob Gutman

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

After a decade in Laddsville Cosmetology Prison for Troubled Boys, angst-ridden vegan teen Todd Sweeney, shears in hand, returns home to a rundown strip mall where he plans to exact his revenge against an aging drug dealer and gigolo. Unfortunately, the DEA, local thugs and a horny trucker keep getting in his way. Luckily (or not!), Electra Love, the local Goth pizza mistress, takes an interest in him and aids Todd in his quest.

The co-writers and star of Children of the Corn 666 have put a modern spin on the legend of Sweeney Todd in this gruesome and darkly comedic tale of revenge, pizza and mad haircuts. Teen Todd Sweeney journeys back to his decrepit hometown of Pure Springs to kill the scumbag who ruined his childhood. However, Todd discovers that fate has other, more horrific and sinister plans for him.

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