Black Fist & Brown Hand #2


Johnny Parker, Luis Calderon

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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This issue, the Horchata Company asks Black Fist & Brown Hand to endorse their newest flavor of horchata. A flavor, they boast, which has the power to bring all people together. However, one evil doer doesn’t want this magical beverage to see the light of day: King Carl McJack! Can our heroes over come his evil McJack crack burgers, and bring the horchata to the lips of the people?! Find out, in Black Fist & Brown Hand 2: Secret of the Horchata Black Fist and Brown Hand follows the “exploits” of two urban heroes attempting to protect their community from: racism, sexism, discrimination, exploitation, B.E.T., Hipsters, Mitt Romney’s sons, & auto tuned hip-hop music!

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