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Ex Novo Libris Compendium



Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 588

What It's About

Skip the show notes, filler comics and boring introduction rantings of the author. This elegant volume combines all the story of Ex Novo Libris Volume 1 and Volume 2 into a single book for easy and streamlined reading. This 500+ page physical compendium of the whole ENL story does not include a bookmark. You may have to use your own.  Who is God? What does he want? What is His ultimate plan for you? Finally, the real answers to all your questions … are for some reason going to an unambitious average loser named James, who just wants to score with the amnesiac cyborg angel of death he thinks is his girlfriend. God’s twisted scheme is about to collide with his furious ex — and she has a plan of her own for the universe. Ex Novo Libris: now you know, and knowing shall set you free.
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