Zukahnaut Vol 1


Otty Justason, Sonya Somers

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 108

What It's About

Collects Chapters 1-4 PLUS: Two exclusive Golden Age style bonus stories! CHAPTER 1: After decades of hiding on Earth, Zukah is finally taking his first bold steps out into the open… but is he really the only visitor from another world in the neighborhood? CHAPTER 2: Our hero(?) Zukah finds some direction to his efforts in joining Earthling society when he teams up with siblings Darius and Daphne as they try to deal with dangerous visitors from another world! CHAPTER 3: Zukah meets his match in the form of Hrothgar The Faceless, a terrifying undead viking who claims to have come from Valhalla itself! PLUS: Who is the mysterious masked man using his powers of electricity for high stakes break-ins? CHAPTER 4: Our hero’s undead viking concerns get overshadowed by the arrival of a much bigger problem! PLUS: Darius and Daphne must each face the decisions of their lives… While Detective Marko Killigan is forced to reveal his greatest secret. BONUS: Zukah is called to the aid of an enigmatic scientist in the middle of the night and discovers that he’s even less alone than he had thought! THEN: Two not-quite-lovers get more than they had bargained for when Zukah crashes into their private moment! After years of hiding on Earth a lonely alien finally reveals himself. Can Zukah fight his own nature to redeem a wasted life?
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