Big Boss Vol. 1

Cristian S. Aluas, Ryan A. Brandt, Marilin Vans, Jorge Gaoret, E.T. Dollman, Gerardo Garcia

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 130

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SKU: 3752_113191_10

With an up-and-coming assassin (with a secret past) after his head, the famous assassin named “Big Boss” will need to save his reputation and his life. Has time run out for the man known as the “Big Boss?” Find out in this exciting crime thriller which compiles the full 5 issue mini-series! “Big Boss,” as a life-long assassin, has never backed out of a contract nor failed a hit. After accepting a new contract, an aspect of his sordid past comes back to potentially put an end to his future.


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