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Tales Of The Questor Vol. 4


What It's About

Quentyn faces his greatest challenge yet– a dragon is rampaging through the Duchy of Grymalkin, and he has been employed to slay it… and prevent a possible war between the Duchies of Grymalkin and Fenwyck. A disgraced squire has been sent with him as a guide to the creature’s lair. But the road to heroism is paved with pitfalls, and what Quentyn doesn’t know may very well kill him… Young Quentyn dreamed his whole life of being a hero like the Questors of old. Now, by luck and pluck and sheer audacity, he’s become one– the Questor of his home Village, Freeman Downs. Now he is on a quest far from his home, in the wider world of elves, orcs, goblins, fae– and humans.
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