Asylum Vol. 1


Gabriel Moore-Topazio

Standard Trade Paperback
Black & White

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What it's About

Set in both our world, and an alternate world called The Ring, ASYLUM Volume 1: New Born, collects issues 1-4 into a trade paperback that is the beginning of the Asylum saga! Revered like angels by some and hated like demons by others, Father”s Divine Family has dwindled in numbers and lost its grasp on the Castoffs they rule over. In this first volume of Asylum, Divine Children begin appearing in The Ring and are recruited into Father”s Family as a holy army to regain power. But as new Children are brought into the fold, they question Father”s power and methods and begin to wonder if they want to be part of the privileged and elite Divine Family. “Asylum” is set in a mental institution called Glass Asylum which has a mysterious connection to a dystopian parallel universe called The Ring. In The Ring, the patients of the hospital are the privileged elite, known as Divine Children, and gifted with superpowers corresponding to their psychosis. Alongside the mysterious and fascist deity known only as Father, Divine Children are a holy army, oppressing the population. But Father”s army has dwindled to only a few, and they have lost control of the clans who inhabit the outer territories. Everything changes when new Divine Children begin to fill The Family”s ranks, but they question the power and methods of Father holy empire

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