Bud Colbert #1


Bud Colbert, Time-Travelin’ Janitor

Troy Lowe, Jim Fader, Pat Carbajal, Javi Lappara

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

What It's About

Plucked from the 60’s by well-meaning, if totally misguided, scientist/historians from the far-flung future, janitor Bud Colbert quickly manages to totally discombobulate time as, simply trying to get back home, he winds up in the distant past—and all points in-between–as he tries to straighten out the time mess as only he can!

What happens when a cigarette smoking, beer guzzling blue collar janitor finds himself responsible for completely messing up the time-stream and altering the past, present, and future???When that janitor is Bud Colbert—Time Travelin’ Janitor he only makes it worse! Action…humor…political incorrectness…even spiffy rayguns! The journey of a thousand lifetimes is just beginning in the pages of BUD COLBERT—TIME TRAVELIN’ JANITOR!

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