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The Fancymen #1


Joe Gdowik, Jim Stafford

Standard Comic: Black & White
Cover Type: Full Color- Inside and Out
Page Count: 16

What It's About

One year after failure! One year after defeat! Join the Flare and his Fancymen as they set off to eliminate the evil organization Redux, who have sworn to wipe meta-humans off of the face of the Earth! One year ago, Redux's leader, Prime, faced off against the Flare and the Dodger, the world's greatest heroes and founders of The Union – the world's first superhero team! But The Union failed, and Prime set off a bomb that leveled the entire city of New York! Now, with both Prime and the Dodger gone, the Flare is determined to find the remaining members of Redux and bring them to justice!

Through time and space! Through strange dimensions unknown! Join the Flare, the Mane, Spirit and Spite on an adventure across the Universe… As they encounter evil scientists, sorcerers, demons and gods, they uncover an ancient struggle as old as Life itself – but the greatest secret of all lies within the folds of the very fabric of reality!

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