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Wildcard #1


Meet Elizabeth Bradford, aka Wildcard. She tries to balance her life as aa first-year middle school history teacher with her secret identify as superhero, Wildcard. 

Bruce Buchanan, Tony Rubino

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

This issue includes Wildcard’s origin, and features an epic battle with drug kingpin, Slade. Twenty-four beautiful full-color magazine size pages written and illustrated in classic silver age style! Battling supervillains? Fighting crime? These things come easy for Elizabeth Bradford. Going to work, living on her own and getting a date? Those things aren’t quite so simple. Wildcard is the story of a young woman who tries to juggle a secret identity as a superhero with all of the normal pressures that most recent college graduates. must face. She’s trying to fit in as a rookie middle school teacher and figure out the rules of grown-up dating. Battling crime as Wildcard is the only time she feels truly comfortable. Of course, it’s a hobby that can get her killed if she’s not careful, particularly since she is still new at the superhero game. Wildcard combines young adult drama with fun, even slightly campy, superhero action. It’s a story that has wide appeal – few of us are heroes, but we all have to grow up one day.
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