Cloudscratcher Vol 1


Cody Baier

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 106

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Following a successful operation, the Cloudscratcher crew learns that Borzax, one of the Margoth Empire’s most dangerous officers, is moving in to their home turf. What they don’t know is the gruesome surprise he has in store for the Feline capital of Felisburg! Thankfully, a lone child soldier has escaped the Empire, determined to warn the Feline Nation of Borzax’s deadly ambush. But no one seems willing to listen! No one, that is, except the crew of the Cloudscratcher. A love-letter to animated features and TV shows of the 1990’s, presented in a visual style reminiscent of cartoons from that era, Cloudscratcher tells the story of a group of freedom fighters battling against an evil empire, sky pirates, and various other foes in a world high above the clouds.

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