Bob The Angry Flower: The Unthinkable

Stephen Notley

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 172

SKU: 5042_125545_12

Just when the world was assured that there’d never be another Bob the Angry Flower Book, reality said otherwise. Bob the Angry Flower: The Unthinkable features the inpossible and the imcredible, with the preposterous Harlo, the inscrutable MANT, the unbelievable Kevin A. Crocodile, and roughly a hundred or so other highly unlikely gags, japes, jibes, pranks and plain ol’ cartoons. Whether it’s politics, religion, science, pop culture, fear of public speaking or just not wanting to step in poop, Bob the Angry Flower brings his uniquely raging point of view to everything and anything!


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