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Isle Squared Comics #1


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Pale Dark: Issue 01 – Subject K is detained by a mysterious Pale Man, tortured and interrogated. An eerie sci-fi series featuring the art of Ruvel Abril. Tether: Issue 01 – Alina, a young slave is thrust into the arena for the first time. Emperor Trovaar makes a decision about the future. An epic sci-fi series in the vein of Dune, Spartacus and Mad Max. Featuring the art of Alex Reis and colors of Nimesh Morarji. Empress: Issue 01 – Zia, a silent film actress, goes missing before completing her first talkie film. The studio hires brash P.I. Niles Lance to find her. He soon discovers her disappearance is far from ordinary. Art by Marcelo Salaza, colors by Matheus Bronca, series co-produced by Brian Barr. Snake: Issue 01 – One of the most fear outlaws in the old west has come home to Cambra to make hell for the town bullies. A gritty, fun western with attitude. Art by Alex Reis, colors by Nimesh Morarji. Bang Bang Lucita: Issue 01 – President Grant arrives in town… outlaws in tow to cause trouble. Luckily for President Grant, Lucita, a sexy swashbuckling knife fighter (who works as a chef by day) is ready to swing into action. Bonus Material (available for first time in print): Protector Vixi: The first couple pages of Issue 01 version 1. An all ages title about a bullied young boy who finds himself the target of vicious animals. Good thing he has his best friend, Vixi, as his protector. Art by Marcelo Salaza, colors by Nimesh Morarji. Xibalba: Issue 01 – The first 11 pages of Xibalba, which is a sister series to Snake and Bang Bang Lucita. Art: Adrian Crisuadi, colors: Nimesh Morarji. Viperous Vixens: Issue 01 concept cover with lines by Alex Reis and colors by Nimesh Morarji Snake: Issue 00 Prologue. A little teaser released that showed Snake’s arrival into Cambra and a little quick smattering of backstory.
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