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Vile #1


Legends Of Thunder Valley

Richard Paul Davis

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

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What It's About

The mysterious forces that swirl and pulsate in Thunder Valley can give great gifts, but they can also spawn the most horrible creatures and tragedies imaginable. The “gods” here are as real as the horrors and triumphs in and around Thunder-Valley. In fact, through the dreams and nightmares of the living, new gods are born everyday. One of those creatures, and tragedies, is “Vile” Clem Styles. However, this is the story of one of the lost souls that encounters him.

The location is Thunder Valley, a lush and untouched land in the American west, as mystical as it is dangerous. “Vile” Clem Styles, a murderous gunslinger, travels the land unaware of the band of cursed spirits that have attached themselves to him as Avatars. Legend has it that he enraged the gods of not only the white settlers, but the old gods, and that he is either a brutal reckoning of a vengeful European demon. Either way, these curses keep him alive each for their own purposes. His travels lead him to a native village where he slays the entire tribe save a lone woman named Hard Pants. Clem falls in love and renames his captive “Catalina”, vowing to turn straight as an “Indian arrow” for her. Hard pants wants nothing to do with Clem and is stolen away from her fallen tribe and the valley she calls home.

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