Steve Ditko's Weird Comics #1


Steve Ditko, Mort Todd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

These stories were originally published in Mort Todd’s Monster’s Attack #1 through #5 and are here in color for the first time! STEVE DITKO’S WEIRD COMICS #1 CONTENTS IN SOLID! Due to criminal intervention on his scientific project, Professor Maey is transformed into a living what is it?! From Monsters Attack! #1, lettered by Gary Fields, colored by Mort Todd. ALL IN HIS MIND! Meet the man who puts the psycho into psychosomatic! A jarring yarn sure to brain you! From Monsters Attack! #2, inked, lettered and colored by Mort Todd. FACE IT A masked madman assumes another’s identity, but an inhuman entity has other ideas! From Monsters Attack! #3, lettered by Steve Ditko and colored by Mort Todd. ILLUSION OK, one last time! This is your brain, and this is your brain under hypnosis. Zzzzt! From Monsters Attack! #4, lettered by Steve Ditko and colored by Mort Todd. THE CREATOR Doctor Ogaz creates synthetic life and finds out whether behavior is decided by nature or nurture! From Monsters Attack! #5, lettered by Steve Ditko and colored by Mort Todd. All material ©Steve Ditko and reprinted with permission.

Steve Ditko is one of the most innovative creators in the history of comics and an expert horror storyteller. Some of his earliest work was for Charlton Comics. The Thing and Outer Space titles. This would segue into a prolific contribution to Atlas Comics and early Marvel. Later, he would do lush, black-and-white stories for Warren’s Creepy and Eerie. At the same time, he continued creating mystery and horror comics for Charlton. The stories here were done soon after Charlton folded, and had they not gone out of business, these comics would’ve felt at home in their pages. So it’s kind of appropriate this collection is issued by Charlton Neo!

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