Empress: Vol. 2



Brian Barr, Chuck Amadori

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Full Color
Page Count: 102

What It's About

Collecting Empress: Goddesses (Issues 5-8) Goddesses: Part I The divine origin of Zia’s ancestors are revealed! Child of a slain goddess and a warrior, Eydis grows up in Scandinavia, naïve of her divine origins. Despite the safe haven of her village, people fear her, seeing something in her eyes beyond human description. From the darkness, strange creatures call for the child to reclaim a lost legacy. In a world of shield maidens, Vikings, and living nightmares from the underworld, how will Eydis survive? Goddesses: Part 2 The goddess rises! The orphaned Mardoll grows up as an outcast in a Viking Iceland village. People fear her, hate her, and she doesn’t know why. All that she knows is her mother went crazy and murdered her father. Years pass and Mardoll reaches adulthood. Ready to see the world outside of Iceland, Mardoll accompanies a group of Viking to Scandinavia. The trip will change not only Mardoll, but her entire future bloodline. Within Mardoll exists a great power, one that has been hidden for many years, and refuses to hide any longer. Goddesses: Part 3 Zia returns to America in Empress #7, and blood spills! While police officers investigate a gory mess left behind on an abandoned ship, the producer of Silver Screen Studios waits for information on his missing actress, Zia. What he gets is more than he could have ever imagined! Another tragic flashback to the past reveals more of Zia’s ancestral origins, and gremlins of the subterranean deity continue to feast in Goddesses. Goddesses: Part 4 Prized Silver Screens actress Zia returns to Hollywood for the debut of her new movie, ready to meet her adoring fans… but she is not the starlet they remember. With her true, divine identity realized, her fans will also see Zia for who she truly is. If they’re lucky, they may even survive.

The return of the Goddess of the Underworld in the form of Silent Film Starlet, Zia.

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