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The Hunted #3


Andrew Raven, Bill Bailey, Stanley Tribble

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

The hunters clash. Lily and the Wendigo come face to face. Leaving Lily no choice but to fight for her life. Detective Murphy is hot on the trail of the mysterious things going on in this once quiet city.

Lily was a normal young native american woman, working in the local ER as a nurse. When one night an old woman came in beaten near death by her caregivers. As Willow passed away her soul transferred into Lily. Now with the ability to take in the souls of her enemies and use them to fuel her abilities. Lily is on the hunt for the men that killed Willow. But as she dives deeper into the new reality she will learn that she is not the only one out hunting in the shadows.

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