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John Aman Amazing Man #6

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Barry Gregory, Steven Butler, Thomas Florimonte Jr.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count:56

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What It's About

The epic, double-sized conclusion to the six part story “How Sharper Than a Dragon's Tooth”. John Aman is caught in a trap set by Cadmus, the megalomaniac formerly known as Horace Googer. Unable to control his ethereal Green Mist form, Aman is helpless and at the mercy of Cadmus. The heroes of the X-Bureau –Music Master, Blue Beetle, Miss Masque and more– have come to his aid, but does Aman's paramour Zoe Henderson hold the key to saving him?

Classic superhero action and adventure, featuring contemporary, reimagined versions of classic characters from the Golden Age of comics created by such legendary creators as Jack Kirby and Bill Everett. Gallant Comics are perfect for fans of DC's Justice League Unlimted cartoons or of the classic superhero stories of the 1970s and 1980s.

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