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Captain Freeagle #1


Matthew A. Hein

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Captain Freeagle is pulled into the battle for the presidency after disavowing both controversial candidates for President and ends up unexpectedly on Donald Trunk’s evil reality show. In the meantime, Hillary Chipmunk attempts to rig the election in her favor by eliminating her opponents including Captain Freeagle. Will Captain Freeagle defeat the bad guys and save America?

After winning the cold war against the red communists in 1962, former superhero Captain Freeagle now lives a life of retirement filled with booze, cigars and football. One day, he is pulled out of retirement after America’s strategic beer reserve comes under attack and a host of unpalatable presidential candidates seek possession of the Nuclear Football. Will the Captain intercept the football for his team, or will the bud guys spike the Nuclear Football into America’s end zone?

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