Star Gould

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

In an apartment complex illuminated with gray tone: Over the lifeless alleyways going toward the town hill, there is a landfill stuck in an unknown corner. Eun-chul is a lonely child who spends days playing all by himself creating inventions, unless his few friends come and visit. One day Minji, a high school freshman who is on a crisis to become the outcast from her school, barges into the landfill. Without any introduction she tells Eun-chul that she “needs a place to study”. It is not long however that Woo-hyuk and his gangs instantly track down where Minji is. Woo-hyuk, who assaults Minji and doesn”t hesitate to threaten Eun-chul, attempts to destroy as well the rocket that Eun-chul has dedicated the most to. When ruthless Woo-hyuk nears the rocket, Eun-chul reaches to yet another invention of his…

Eunchul witnesses Minji being bullied by her high school classmates, where his anger ultimately erupts to get them away from his place, the junkyard…

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