Cybertech Episode 2 #2



Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

The Vyrotechs have step up their attack against the CPU and captured an old Cypyrean War military base that was being guarded by the Hunters. They have reactivated the long rang missiles there and started targeting the CPU. Face with this new threat, Cybertech Unit Greenstal takes a small unit of Hunters to infiltrate the base in hopes of shutting down the missiles before they destroy the CPU….

Cyber terrorist known as the Vyrotechs have unleashed a virus on the Cybernet and it has infected some Cybertechs that depend on the Cybernet for continuing upgrades to their programs. This has created a rise in Vyrotech violence through out Cypyrean and it threatens the order establish by Cyber Technology forcing them to shut down the Cybernet. Now cut off from their only means to upgrades to their programs, the Cybertechs are powerless against the Vyrotech attacks, but the appearance of a mysterious Cybertech, one that is immune to the Vyrotech virus and has the uncanny ability to alter his programing to suit the situation could be the last hope for Cypyrean. His name is Cybertech Unit Greenstal.

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