Flare #010

Dennis Mallonee, Howard Simpson, Dell Barras, Mark Propst, Stan Sakai, Tim Burgard, Gordon Purcell, Craig Stormon, Sean Harrington

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

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What It's About

The League of Enemies has been formed. Esper, Ogre, Demonfire, Red Rapier, Radar, and Sonar have joined together under the leadership of Madame Synn. After “The Training of the Enemies,” Flare's frosty little friend Icicle finds herself standing “Alone Against the Enemies.” Meanwhile, Flare visits the local library to read the neighborhood children a story about “The Adventures of Dolf.” And Britannia stars in “Butterfly.” Plus! Bonus Flare Sunday pages by Dennis Mallonee and Sean Harrington.

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