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Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter Dracula Rising #1


Kevin Given, Dennis Magnant

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

In true noir style, a mysterious woman dressed in black arrives at Karl’s office. She claims a vampire named Loew has been killing her family and wants Karl to investigate at the old Oak Hill cemetery. When they arrive at the cemetery, Karl passes out and 12 hours later winds up back in his office. He’s had blood drawn from his arm but can’t figure out why. A visitor from the future arrives in Karl’s office to warn him that the woman who visited him the night before was actually Dracula’s daughter.

Karl Vincent is a vampire hunter that loses his job and his family because of his obsession with hunting vampires. He is also a bumbling oaf that isn”t very good at what he does. Why is he obsessed with ridding the world of vampires, even though he”s lousy at it? Read on and find out.

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