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Cosmic Villain Spotlight: Stellarex #1


On the distant world of Tran, a cosmic force of nature has come to call. How will the people of this world and those who protect it deal with the nigh-impossible task for thwarting a being as old as the cosmos. What is this being’s purpose? Why is he here? And has he come alone?

Eric N. Bennett, Gilbert Monsanto, Tristan MacDonald, Robert Shum

Standard Comic:
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

Since the dawn of creation a being of ancient power and purpose, of vast cosmic might has roamed the great unfolding cosmos. He is known and feared throughout the civilized worlds, and has been called by many names across the ages. To the Rindali he is the Night-Bringer. The Vanorans know him as the Star-King. In the ancient and mighty Altairian Empire, they whisper of the Coming Darkness. He is the Light Taker, the Novabourne, the Sun-Crusher. He… is STELLAREX.

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