Anafae #1


Monica Richards,James Neely

Print Size: Standard Comic
Interiors: Full Color
Page Count: 52

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“Anafae”, known collectively as Mother Nature: the regenerative force of Spring and Mother Earth herself, manifests in the form of an Otherworldly woman. In a future Dark Age, a global plague destroys all life on the planet, and Anafae takes to the earth, sky and sea to see what has become of her realm.

“Liber Prima: Awakening”, the first book, introduces us to Anna Mante, the beautiful writer and philosopher rumored to be a powerful witch. Sold by her government to a ruthless dictator who holds all women in contempt, Anna may be the only person alive who knows how to fight the plague. Meanwhile, Anafae travels to Rock Mount City, the former headquarters of GenetiBioCorp, an evil corporation that holds within its ruins many dark and terrible secrets. There Anafae finds one possible survivor, Allaine, a genetically engineered man-child, and his ‘big sister’, a robot cat. Together they begin to unravel the mystery of the dying planet…

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