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Wulf and Batsy Vol.1


Wulf and Batsy wander the earth in search of a place to call home. Along their way they run into angry villagers, zombies, mad scientists, and a horde of other weird monsters.

Bryan Baugh

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 240

What It's About

“Wulf and Batsy” is THE brand new, old fashioned horror comic book. If you love EC Comics (Tales From the Crypt), “Pre-Code” Horror Comics, or Fiction House style “good girl” adventure stories, you are sure to love Wulf and Batsy.

“Bryan Baugh's Wulf and Batsy feels like a comic from a time capsule, or better yet it's like finding you're dad's stash of girlie mags and horror books from when he was younger. This is the best new old fashioned horror comic I have read this year! Bryan Baugh is one of those writers/artists that are revitalizing horror comics and I welcome it completely.” -Keil Cross

“Baugh does a terrific job of establishing the characters, their bond, and the results are frightening and horrible. Even then, Baugh allows us to retain sympathy towards his characters. [Wulf and Batsy] starts well, moves forward at a deceptively calm pace, and then explodes into its shocking conclusion. This is an impressive piece of work.” —Tony Isabella, World Famous Comics

“It's hard to balance humor and horror without tipping completely into the farcical, but Baugh pulls it off in this story about a cute vampire and her werewolf buddy. There are light-hearted moments as the two monsters banter when they're alone, but the scares are real once the townspeople pull out the torches and pitchforks.” —Michael May, Comic World News


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