Shadow Rider #2


Larry N Young, David Llorente Cortés

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

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“Call of Duty” At his home base, Shadow Rider relives a moment in his past. He confides in a coworker about the time he was a soldier and helped fight in the war that was ravaging the world. While he”s on a trip to install a electronic fence that will stop the poachers from trapping the endangered animals that live in the bad lands, Shadow Rider and his friends end up being ambushed by a gang of thieves. Can Shadow Rider escape with his life and how can he bring them to justice. 8 page back up. “The Unluckiest man alive” It”s mistaken identity for an average man as Shadow Rider is on the hunt for a dangerous criminal know as “The Rawhide Kid”. Will Shadow Rider figure out the mix up before it”s too late or will the Rawhide Kid get the jump on Shadow Rider and could an innocent man get killed or end up going to prison?

He is known only to some as a legend. His story is pasted on through out each town as a mysterious drifter known as Shadow Rider. He is a bounty hunter that is assigned to bring in the most dangerous criminals in the mid west and it is his job to bring them back alive to stand trial for their crimes.

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