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Fallen Justice #4


Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes, Harold Edge

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

Dynagirl and the Guardians show up separately, just in time to prevent Justice Theta from killing Comedy in a fit of rage, but find themselves unable to prevent his departure as he makes his escape and begins planning his next move. Dynagirl accepts help from an unlikely source in stopping her lover and has to face Simon Hurst, the man she once swore to kill. Fallen Justice tells the story of what happens when the most powerful hero in the world finds out he''s dying and has 3 months to live. The series begins shortly before he hears the news and then deals with the repercussions of what he decides to do, and the lengths he goes to trying to accomplish his goals of changing the world for the better and leaving things safe for average everyday people. Fallen Justice is about the decisions a man makes when backed into the ultimate corner.
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