Cosmic Hellcat Adventures Anthology #1


Painted Edition

Chris Maverick, Maximilian

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 124

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This anthology includes both Cosmic Hellcat Adventures #1 and Cosmic Hellcat Adventures #2 as well as several extras not available in either book, including concept art, Hellcat Cosmos comic strips, and pinups of the real life models that the characters in the book are based on. This is the Painted Cover Edition of the Anthology. It is also available in a Photographic Cover Edition. After the Third Great Intergalactic War, the Federated Union of Confederated Kingdoms established the Transuniversal Intergalactic Tranquility Squadron to keep peace throughout the known multiverse. Among the most renowned forces in the fleet are the Science Ninja Action Teams, strike forces of specially trained agents on missions of peacekeeping and discovery throughout the cosmos. While most of the SNATs are well respected squads serving the Union commendably, some work somewhat outside of the system, getting results but leaving a path of destruction behind them wherever they go. One of the most notorious of these groups is the crew of the FSS-CH9. Codenamed: Cosmic Hellcats.

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